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AMRAP Nutrition HMB is a safe and effective muscle supplement for men and women. Each capsule contains 3000mg of ß-Hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate, a naturally occurring substance that has been shown to promote the addition of new muscle mass and decrease the rate of muscle breakdown by boosting protein synthesis. When taken regularly, AMRAP Nutrition HMB also increases strength and stamina, reduces skeletal muscle damage, and improves post-workout recovery time. AMRAP Nutrition HMB can be used for long periods without harmful side effects and is recommended for men and women at all athletic levels seeking to increase and maintain lean muscle mass and speed their recovery time.

For optimal results, take four capsules daily with meals.

Calcium ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate, gelatin capsule.

Founded in 2012, AMRAP Nutrition takes its name from the performance-focused exercise regimen based on doing “as many rounds as possible” in a given time. It reflects the company’s philosophy that athletes at all levels can use short-term performance to build long-term health.

As athletes and committed environmentalists, the founders’ goal was to create a line of natural supplements that would meet the highest standards for effectiveness and purity, while adhering to strict guidelines for sustainability.

AMRAP Nutrition also reinvests 10% of profits with registered charities working to improve the health and lives of children around the globe. In their business, their personal lives, and their role as global citizens, the company’s owners do everything they can to make every round count – and consider it a privilege to help you do the same.

  • SUPPORTS LEAN MUSCLE MASS: ß-Hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate (HMB) is a naturally occurring substance that promotes the addition of new muscle mass and reduces the rate of muscle breakdown. Each AMRAP Nutrition HMB capsule contains 3000mg of HMB to help build lean muscle and slow the loss of muscle during post-workout recovery.
  • BOOSTS STRENGTH & STAMINA: AMRAP Nutrition HMB stimulates the production of proteins to strengthen muscles, increase stamina, and reduce skeletal muscle damage.
  • IDEAL FOR MEN & WOMEN: HMB has been shown to be a powerful and effective muscle supplement that is safe for long-term use. AMRAP Nutrition HMB is recommended for men and women at all athletic levels who want to increase lean muscle mass and reduce postworkout recovery time.
  • THIRD-PARTY TESTED: All AMRAP Nutrition products are independently third-party tested for purity, safety, and nutritional value. Documentation is available on AMRAP Nutrition’s website.
  • GUARANTEE: If you’re dissatisfied with this product for any reason, you may return it within 90 days for a full refund. No questions asked.
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