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If you’re struggling to shed unwanted body fat, struggle no more, LeptiBurn is here! Leptin is a key hormone, the purpose of which is to control or influence virtually every other weight control hormone in your body. Our LeptiBurn formula was scientifically designed to approach leptin from two different angles, production and sensitivity, using 4 powerful Ingredients. Patented Irvingia Gabonensis, or IGOB131, is a powerful extract from the African mango seed that has been shown to support leptin sensitivity. Next up is a far superior form of Green Tea extract to help stoke your body’s metabolic furnace while leptin levels are primed. This form contains concentrated levels of green tea’s most powerful fat-burning components. Aframomum Melegueta, is a West African herb that has been shown to increase calorie burning. The final ingredient in this fat-burning super-formula, 5-HTP, increases serotonin which works hand in hand with leptin to tell your brain and body that you’re full and satisfied reducing cravings and overeating. This combination of research-backed ingredients shows why LeptiBurn truly is a breakthrough formula. LeptiBurn is also an all-natural, non-stimulant formula with no added caffeine. You can gain control of leptin today, or you can allow it to continue to control you. Make the smart choice today!

  • Aids in weight loss by supporting healthy levels of leptin, the “satiety hormone”, in the body.
  • Four all-natural ingredients and nothing more.
  • Coupled with proper diet and exercise, LeptiBurn is an integral part of a balanced weight loss plan.
  • Help stoke your body’s fat loss furnace… high leptin levels help melt the fat away!
  • Say goodbye to weight loss plateaus and say hello to progress toward your goals.
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