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CytoSport Monster Massive 4.6 Pounds

Monster Massive from the Monster Series by CytoSport can help facilitate muscle growth after exercise. Complementing a smart eating and hydration plan in conjunction with a balanced exercise program, this product may also contribute to weight management and recovery from exercise.

Combining both more slowly digested (casein) and rapidly digested (whey) proteins, this powder is easy to digest and boosts your nitrogen balance. The proteins help to facilitate muscle growth after exercising by enhancing muscle protein synthesis and assisting to inhibit muscle protein breakdown.

Supporting muscle mass and strength, Monster Massive contains L Leucine, an amino acid which also helps to stimulate muscle protein synthesis at the cellular level and L Glutamine, the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. In addition, it contains Carb Boost to help replenish muscle glycogen the fuel for exercising muscles.

Easy to prepare and boasting a smooth vanilla taste, enhancing your performance and achieving your goals has never been easier. It can be used either before or after workouts, or prior to bedtime, helping you achieve results in no time at all

  • NUTRITION. Combined with a smart eating and hydration plan, this product can aid in muscle growth after exercising.
  • ADD EXTRA PROTEIN TO YOUR DIET. The role of protein is very important to overall body function and health. As such, this powerful protein supplement mix provides 50 grams of protein in every serving.
  • CARB BOOST. Providing fuel for exercising muscles, Monster Massive contains carbohydrates to help replenish muscle glycogen
  • NSF CERTIFIED FOR SPORT. This mark is assurance that the product has been tested by one of the most respected independent certification organizations in existence today.
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