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This bracelet is not only beautiful… it’s functional! Essential Oils come with a variety of benefits and these beautiful bracelets let you keep those benefits with you all day long. This listing is for ONE Dark Wood and Lava Stone Bracelet. The 10mm Wooden Beads are offset with 8mm Natural Black Lava Rock Beads. To use this bracelet, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or oil blend to the lava stone beads and enjoy the benefits all day! Our bracelets are all stretch bracelets for ease and comfort. We use only strong, premium jeweler’s elastic and take great care in making sure that we create a beautiful piece that will last! Need help choosing a size? Measure around the smallest part of your wrist where the bracelet will sit. This is your wrist measurement. By choosing your exact measurement, your bracelet will be fitted and comfortable. If you prefer your bracelets slightly looser and able to move around on the wrist, add 1/2″ to your wrist measurement. About The Paper Poppy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~ We love happy customers, so if you’d like custom sizing or colors, just contact us for details! ~ Wholesale pricing available, please contact us for details! We love getting to know our amazing customers, please like and follow us, share your reviews and even post photos to let us know how much you love your new jewelry! Website: http://paperpoppyshop.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/thepaperpoppyshop Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/thepaperpoppyshop Instagram: http://instagram.com/queen_ofthe_poppies

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