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Imagine yourself walking through the aisles in your grocery store looking for the cumin to complete the ingredient list for dinner. Your baby is on your hip, because, well… she’s always on your hip. You might as well add her to your driver’s license photo! (But to be honest, the car is probably the only place she is physically detached from you.) She has her pacifier, which is keeping her content, and… wait, where is it? With a cringe you realize that you’ve just kicked the pacifier mid-air as it almost reached the floor. It flies 7 feet across the aisle, and lands in something questionable. Your darling child, who happens to be teething, turns on her little siren, and you frantically dig through your purse for a spare pacifier only to realize that the one you kicked was the last spare. Oh mama, do I feel your pain!

Now let’s pretend you brought your daughter’s Twinkle Clip along. You’re at that same grocery store, looking for that same cumin. Her pacifier has been attached to the Twinkle Clip, and every time she unexpectedly drops it, it dangles safely, clipped to your baby’s shirt. And all three spare pacifiers are resting peacefully in your purse, untouched. Your darling girl decides she’s had enough of the pacifier, and begins nibbling on the Eco friendly wooden beads on the clip. She is loving the feeling this gives her, because let’s face it, teething is not for the weak. There is the cumin! You have completed the task and make your way to the check out counter with your babe, the light of your life, happily chewing on her teething clip.

This listing is for the Pacifier Accessory only. The pacifier is a photo prop and is not included in your purchase.

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