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UNREFINED RAW SHEA BUTTER BULK WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTORS!!! MANY SAY THAT BUT WE CAN PROVE IT!!! WE HAVE FRESH SHEA BUTTER RAW UNFILTERED. IT COMES LIKE PHOTO SHOWN!! IT WILL BE IN A PLASTIC BAG OR CUT UP IN CHUNKS, OR GOURD, BUT WE KNOW YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY YOU WILL LOVE OUR SHEA BUTTER, NOTHING ADDED TO IT WE DO NOT ANYTHING TO OUR SHEA BUTTER. WE ARE DIRECT IMPORTERS HERE IF YOUR NOT HAPPY PLEASE CONTACT US, PLEASE MAKE ARRANGEMENTS SHIPMENT WILL REQUIRE A SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE CONTACT US African Shea Butter 5LBS Organic RAW Unrefined 100% PURE COLOR Varies From: Yellow / Bright Yellow / Ivory / Light Yellow 1600 oz / 10 pounds / 10 Lbs / 4.52 kilograms (Kg) 100% GUARANTEED Natural Please note: To provide you with the LOWEST PRICE, we are having to pack this item in a poly bag / Brown Box. (Gourd for display only) NOTE: * We pack UNFILTERED Shea butter directly from their NATURAL GOURD they come in. Please do not expect filtered or artificially processed butter. * Due to temperature, upon receipt of shipment, you might find the Shea butter soft or somewhat melted. This is absolutely NATURAL!!!

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