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Every single day, the government is fighting to rid us of our rights.

• The right to speak our minds.
• The right to bear arms.
• The right to exercise our own free will.

And it’s only going to get worse.

I believe law abiding citizens should be free to go about their business without being detained or molested by officers of the law. To feel secure in their own homes.

To have a way to defend themselves without being considered a criminal.

Trouble is, you’re the only one playing by the rules.

The criminals don’t care they’re breaking the law. Carrying weapons in public places. Attacking innocents for a quick cash grab (or worse).

To combat this growing threat, we’ve developed a new self-defense item.

To fight back when the situation calls.

It’s called the Strikepen Black™

A discreet self-defense tool that you can carry with you at all times.

And for today only, this highly sought-after product is being offered to a select group of Americans. We want to get this product in the hands of the people who really need it.

For FREE. (No tricks. No scams. No hidden fees).

You pay the postage and we’ll send a top-of-the-line Strikepen to your home.

I just wish we had more to give away.

Click here for more details and reserve your Strikepen now.

Get one while supplies last!

Country United States of America
State/Province Kansas
distance: 6,533 Miles
Address USA