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The VARIDESK ActiveMat Groove combines the comfort and support of our popular anti-fatigue mat with enhanced movement and activity for the feet, knees and legs. The center groove holds a roller ball that lets you fidget, flex and roll while you work. The movement can also help to stimulate circulation and relieve stress. The roller ball can be used while sitting or standing, and it comes with 3 different balls, so you can choose the firmness you like best.

  • Dense core and soft outer layer supports feet, knees, hips and back to help you stand longer and stronger
  • Groove and roller ball for active standing allows you to stretch and bend your feet, ankles and legs, giving you more of the full benefits of standing
  • Beveled, no-curl edges and durable, high-density core make sure the mat stays in place while you use it
  • Soft, medium and firm roller balls included let you tailor your exercises day to day
  • Footprint: 36″ Wide x 24″ Deep (91 cm Wide x 61 cm Deep)
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