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The XIBERIA V10 is designed for and fully compatible with Windows PC / PS4 / Laptops.
Xbox/Mac not compatible.

Unparalleled performance
-50mm high definition speakers allow you to experience the soaring highs to the deep lows. Enhanced bass allows for a full-range listening experience.
-The flexible mic easily picks up your voice yet eliminates unwanted background noises.

Premium materials
-Soft memory foam headband retracts by itself, automatically conforms to accommodate any user and distributes the weight of the headband evenly to ensure comfort during long periods of use.
-Tough and rugged ABS plastic, industrial strength cable, 304 stainless steel microphone housing and reinforced USB connection point guarantee longevity.

Easy to use
-In-line control (for mic, LED, and volume adjuster) keeps your controls close at hand and at the ready.
All XIBERIA headsets are plug and play. No installation is required.

-12-month hassle free warranty
-Any issue with the headphones, no need to return, contact the seller for the best solution.

  • Dual 50mm drivers provide a crisp, rich and distortion free sound.
  • The suspension style headband automatically conforms to the user’s head and is designed for comfort during long periods of use.The memory foam ear cups seal out unwanted noises, yet fit very ergonomically around the ears.
  • Along the cord is an integrated controller with a rotary volume adjuster, microphone mute, and LED toggle control.
  • 7.2 feet of premium industrial strength wire ensures longevity and no audio quality loss.
  • Resonating bass offers a full range-listening experience.Strong bass, crystal clear audio, with 3-D spatial audio configuration perfectly suits gamers and audiophiles alike.
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