3 Tips to Ensure Management Productivity

March 10, 2018 Business Article

The need to ensure productivity of business is a reality no business owner or company executive can overlook. As a business owner, you would always want to look for ways to ensure that you maximize profit. These ways will ensure that you lean away from the traditional mundane ways, but there are some factors that will weaken or dampen the productivity level of employees.

Before you can lessen these productivity killers, you have to, first of all, identify them. This will help you to consciously prevent them from occurring in the future.

In this article we will list effective management tips that will help you as a business owner or company executive;

Tip 1: Discard motivational killers

As a good manager, you need to, first of all, identify motivational killers. How can you do this? You have to carefully observe the work environment in search of problems (most times little) that affects the motivation of your employee.

Motivational killers can include; toxic persons, abrasive personalities, lack of organizational vision and lack of opportunities that will hinder professional development. Poor communications, autocratic leadership style, lack of appreciation amongst employee are also some of the motivational killers that a good manager must discard to ensure that the business is productive.

Tip 2: Gamification

In every workplace or environment, motivation is needed to ensure productivity. When dealing with monotonous routines, employees may get bored if they are not properly motivated. Lack of motivation will mean that some employees may not have the zeal to complete challenging tasks.

One way to motivate employees in the workplace is through Gamification. Office duties like the; completing reports or contribution to a project idea can be gamified to ensure that they are more appealing, interesting and exciting. It involves the use of leaderboards, badges, rewards, ranking, points, challenges to make challenging tasks quantifiable and more engaging.

Gamification platforms like GameEffect can be used to make it easier for these employees to get ahead in the game.

Tip 3: Set goals and always provide feedback

People would find it a lot easier to perform tasks when there is an already outlined goal or objective. As a manager, you have to clearly state the objective of your company or business. Use of short-term goals has proven to be effective because it allows employees’ to carefully manage their speed in carrying out tasks.

As a manager, you have to always give your employees’ feedbacks or show that they are being supervised. It is important to commend major accomplishments, while failure and errors should be addressed properly.

Management is not an easy task, that is why these tips are being outlined. As a manager, you have to take into consideration these tips to ensure that your business or company is productive. As a manager, you have to remember these important tips: always motivate your employees’, ensure that set goals and objectives are clearly outlined for all to understand and finally ensure that you adopt systems that will ensure that your employees’ are more efficient.

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