5 books to read to change your financial outcome and dramatically affect your future

March 10, 2019 Digital Marketing

If you feel stock and there is no way out, you don’t know how to take the first step to start changing your life today is your lucky day, you just need to stop and pause. No everyone has money to go seminar or to pay mentor to help them out, even if you don’t have money to buy books you can still read, your local library if you are living in United States of America, or the internet you can have access to unlimited books. We know one thing for fact, books can change your mind, help you grow and open doors that you never thought were possible. Here is a list of 5 books to read and we advise to read them in the order provided below.

  1. The Dynamics Laws of Prosperity – By Catherine Ponder

The reasons we advise to read this book first because if you are not in good state of  mind, or  you are facing difficulties and not knowing how to go about it, this well help raise your spirit. We would advise to read it with no preconceive idea and you might not like everything you are reading, but keep on reading and have a little bit of faith, we are positive you will find one or things that can change your current circumstance.

Think and Grow Rich – By Napoleon Hill

After reading the first book we believe you will have a little faith and courage to look up the future, Think and Grow Rich will come handy to help you map out your future and start building a plan that can help you think a whole new way.

3. Money Master the Game – By Tony Robbins

This book is very long the beginning will be a little boring and draggy but if you stick with it you will discover vital information that you can implement immediately to start putting your life on track, to help you move a little bit faster in this current economy.  If you don’t feel like reading this big volume you and listen to the audio.

The Millionaire Next Door – By Thomas J. Stanley/William D. Danko

This book is great because it shows how ordinary people, like your neighbor, the people you see on daily basis who are not living extravagant life are millionaire. People who are not making a lot of money but find way to become millionaire.

The little book of common sense investing – By John C. Bogle

Learn from one of the best financial mind of all time. This book is simple and easy to read. If you are a fast reader you knock it down in one day. This little book will open your horizon on investing.

If you have any suggestion on book to read feel free to share it with us, and do not hesitate to let’s us know about our selection.  Leave a comment below.

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