5 Important factors for your business to succeed online

If you decide or currently have a business online. These factors are essential to survive and thrive. If we look at the successful online business they have to master all these aspect we are stating below.


No online business can survive without adequate flow of visitors landing on the on the offering page. Not every visitors come to your site will transact, therefore a high flow of leads is necessary to continue and succeed.


The funnel is extremely important in the success of a sales process for online business. To transform large flow of traffic coming to the site you need a funnel that break down into 5 stages: lead, prospect, qualified prospect, committed and transacted. 


This element is extremely important in the process. The filter is part of the funnel stage needed to manage the leads and to advance the sales process, or to disqualify leads or redirect them to a channel you use them for different venture.


If you can manage to generate a lot of traffic to you site, you will need to funnel them and filter them. Now you identified your visitors that will allow you to better engage and to convert them into buying customers.

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