5 sites for beautiful free images for website Blog content

February 20, 2018 Digital Marketing

The use of images and informative videos is of utmost importance when it comes to website content or Blog. Pictures are often an easy way to keep a memory of any information, and similarly, in the case of a blog, images do they have their own importance and benefits.

But, finding a relevant and beautiful image can be a hassle, since we cannot use any of images due to the copyright issues, right? It should not be a problem because there are few types of images which you can use for your personal and commercial use without any copyright or infringement issue:

  • Creative common: Also known as CC Images, runs by non-profit organizations supporting free images for both personal and commercial use. There are few sites where we can find and easily download CC0 licensed images for our use in blog and content. E.g.: Pixabay
  • Public domain: Again, public domain images are also free to use for any personal or commercial purpose
  • Royalty free images: These are the images sold by organizations, and can be purchased at a one-time payment. They can be downloaded and utilized for any sort of purpose at a very reasonable cost. E.g.: Shutterstock

So, getting ahead to our topic or 5 sites for beautiful free images for website blog content are:

  1. com

Initially the founder of pixabay designed the venture as personal image distribution, but later on with the increasing number of contributor photographers, the site was redesigned to an online interactive free site for public domain images These images are completely licensed for any personal or commercial use without any credit and can redistribute it for your business use.

  1. Gratisography:

Like PixaBay, this website is also full of free images for personal and commercial use. The only difference is that the images in Gratisography are actually of very high quality and size in memory (an image can be of even more than 5 or 10 MB). And, at the same time, all images on the site are CC0 licensed and free for use without and accreditation

  1. Unsplash:

Unsplash is another website full of CC0 licensed images, and in fact, this website has been endorsed by several other online business giants like Forbes, Entrepreneurs magazines and so forth. Along with the quantity, they do have, the quality of the image utterly high and beautiful.

  1. Pexels:

Another free source for CC0 licensed image, the website does add 100 new photos every day to their collection and is completely free for use without any required accreditation.

Currently, they do have more than 30,000 images in their stocks, and currently, they are uploading 2-3k every month.

  1. PickUpImage:

PickUpImage is actually a public domain image course and provides high-quality stock photos for download. Mostly, they are best suited for travel content, the reason being the diversity and type of images they do have ranges from USA, South America, Europe, Canada, and many other countries.


So, next time you do need an image for your blog or content, head straight to these websites and search using the search box and keyword, and you will have options to choose from thousands of images.

Photo: by to Ali Dale

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