5 Steps to improve your finance

November 6, 2018 Finance

Money affects everyone, if you are leaving in society. This is one of the hardest topics in the world, there are people who goes to school to study finance and economy and yet they are not have not mastering it.

Step 1 – Learn where your money goes. Have a budget

Having a budget is very important to start seeing clearly what you do with your money. If you don’t where you spend your money, you are not ready to for the other 4 steps.

Step 2 – Start paying your debt. – Reducing your debt until you are debt free.

If you are in debt you are and you will be always behind, it will hard to catch a break. Even if you are making more money, you are still somebody slave until you break that chain of debt to start working toward freedom. Pay your debt first.

Step 3 – Change your way of living – Adopt new habit.

The previous 2 steps stated above will not be significant if you continue living the same lifestyle you were leaving before you start looking for financial freedom. Start changing how you eat, where you go, who you listen to. Old habit is hard to break, start breaking them one by one. 

Step 4 – Start saving your money so it can grows

There is a process for everything in life. Start saving as much as you can, even if it is a dollar, because next time if you add a dollar on top of your previous dollar you will have two dollar. That means you are building and if you don’t stop you will gain momentum. 

Once you have some money saving you start invest part of your money to grow it.

Step 5 – Give a hand to others 

There are a lot of fancy name for giving, like charity, philanthropic. It does not matter which word you choose, but it is important to give. You may not have money to share, but you have something you can give. Times, advises, teach and help someone see the light and even share this little piece of article with someone else.

Wish you the best if this is the beginning of your journey seeking for financial freedom. 

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