5 Top Conversion strategies for beginner marketers

It is actually a major query of all the beginner marketers- How to convert leads or potential into their customer? In fact, conversion rate does matter a lot either when it is for start-up, or for a corporation, or for some big enterprise. But in case of beginner marketers, it is quite tougher.

Before getting to know about top 5 conversion strategies for beginner marketers, let’s get to understand what is conversion rates or conversions. The conversion rate is simply the ratio of a number of visitors on your website or landing page to the number of customers, or we can conversion in the case of marketing refers to the process of changing your website visitors into your prospect or a potential customer.

So, getting to beginners marketers, we do understand that at that stage we don’t really have much that of budget and financial plans on marketing, right? Besides, being new in the industry or the market, people do not really have heard about your brand. Even if you did happen to create a beautiful landing page, and gain some visitors, what have you really though to convert those visitors into your potential customers?

So, 5 conversion strategies for beginner marketers are:

  • Focusing on a targeted group of the audience:

Focusing on a targeted group of audience is the key, at least for a while, the reason being that if you would go for a global and random audience, there won’t be much chance that they do require your product or services. And, in case if they don’t even require your product or service, there will be a negligible chance for converting them into your leads. So, better identify your targeted group of audience at first, and put all of your marketing efforts to them.

  • Design a simple, user-friendly landing page

A landing page is the place where people are going to come in the first chance, and there is much probability that they will either consider you on the first hand or switch to some other brand. So, having a simple, clean and user-friendly website or landing page is of utmost importance.

  • Improve your trustworthiness

Being a new player in the market, people may hesitate a bit before buying form your brand, the reason being the trust factor in the terms of quality of the product or services. So, improving your credibility and trustworthiness among the people and audience is of paramount importance. Let them know that you are always available for any of their queries.

  • Improves response rate and customer interaction

Having a consistent interaction with your prospect or visitors is the key because they are the ones who will come back again to make the purchase. So it important to keep interaction with them either through social media or through your user query forum. Also, having a higher response rate is required, because in case people do submit a query or complain, they really do expect for a quick response, and the quicker the response would be, more would be the credibility you will get.

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