How can Advertising impact your business?

We all know that advertising is a very important tool for any business that seeks to survive. Advertising can either be an audio or visual communication that specifically employs an open, non-personal message that seeks to sell a product or promote an idea, service or product.

For the purpose of this article, we will discuss the various impacts of Advertising on your business, either as a small business owner or as an executive at a big production firm.

There are different mediums or method through which a product, idea or service could be advertised. Product adverts can be placed on TV stations, Newspapers, Radio, Magazines etc. There are other tools like social media, billboards, business cards, T-shirts etc.

Impacts of Advertising

The impact of Advertising on businesses’ is a broad topic to discuss, but for the purpose of this article, we will discuss the major impacts. Some of them include;

Creates Awareness

One general reason why businesses’ choose to advertise is to create awareness for the goods or service they render. Advertising helps you reach a large number of potential customers’ who ordinarily would be nearly impossible to meet. There are different advert campaigns that can do this, social media campaigns have been used to create awareness either for a product or for a movement.


Every business is out there to maximize profit. For-profit to be maximized, you need to have more customers and clients’. How do you get them? By advertising! If as a business owner you desire to maximize profit, you have to put your business out there for the world to know.

More customers’ or clients’ means more sales.

Competitive Advantage

Advertising gives you a competitive advantage. It is known that companies and businesses with large advert budget tend to create fierce competition in their various niches.

When you advertise your product or service, it puts you on the map and gives you an edge over your competitors who do not advertise.

Brand/Business Identity

One impact advertising has on both small and large businesses is that it gives them an identity. When products are sold with the help of advertisement, it helps differentiates competitive businesses’ from one another. Advertisement campaigns help define the uniqueness of each business, it also, in turn, helps customers build an emotional relationship with the brand.

An emotional relationship, in turn, translates to these customers buying more from these businesses’.


Adverts most times stand to educate and inform consumers of the new products that are available. This impact is felt when a product is new or when the information concerning the product is complicated.

Reach your target audience

Advertising allows you to reach your preferred target audience. Every business has its target audience and the success of a business depends on how fast it can reach the audience. Adverts ensure that you send a non-personal message to your selected audience. There are advertising tools that will ensure that all classes of individuals are reached with information about your business.

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