How You Can Advertise Your Business Free of Charge? Here are 5 ways.

Experts have revealed that 2-5 percent of gross sales made by business owners is spent on ads. However, if your business is still growing and you don’t have a large budget to promote your product, you can still advertise your business for free. How? Let’s see.

The best way to advertise your business free of charge is to take it online. That way, you’ll find it easier reaching more customers.

  1. Create a web presence

A free website which provides information about your business and your product would be very useful. Also, you would also need to create an email address for your business so people could have a way to reach you without any hassles. Anytime you send out emails, you could include links to your business website, Facebook and twitter pages, and other online presence your business has.


  1. Twitter

To set this up is free of charge and you get to interact with all your customers on a personal level. All you need to do here is to choose a handle as your business’ username, use the logo as your twitter avatar, follow your customers, their friends, and family members as well as other businesses and products you admire. You are gradually doing business networking for your services and products.


  1. Facebook

This is also free and gives you the opportunity to interact with all your customers and other businesses. A lot of businesses that do not have websites usually use their Facebook page to function as their business website. This might just be good for your business.


  1. Yelp

This is a site where customers review and recommend different businesses. Apart from this, your Yelp page can be used to post information and offers, and for customers to tell others how good your business is. Customers also lay complaints about businesses if they aren’t satisfied and business owners have the opportunity to respond to these complaints. If you encounter such, you have the opportunity to let your customers know that you are concerned about them.


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