Improving Marketing Productivity

Marketing usually involves a lot of trial and error which ultimately means that production levels are not that high concerning this sector.

The word “productivity” has been used so frequently that some people now mistake it for “effectiveness”. Being productive and effective isn’t the same thing. If I give two workers three tasks each and one does it in record time, but the other finishes in hours more. The first worker is obviously more productive, but the one who is more effective will be decided by which of them added more value to the company with those tasks. It may not be the first worker, but the second.

The aim, I’m sure, is to continue being effective and productive and we’ll discuss how this can be possible here:

  1. Accessibility of Campaign Data

One clear difference between marketing teams and other teams is campaign data. A marketing team cannot be productive if every member of that team isn’t given campaign data. A social media manager will not be able to figure out the schedule for social media posts if he/she doesn’t know the content creator’s progress. This is an example of campaign data. No matter the type of campaign that is carried out (e.g. social media or influencer marketing campaign), it is imperative to keep every member of the marketing team abreast of its ongoings.


  1. Technology

Marketing teams will be able to be more productive if they have all they need at their fingertips and one of these things is technology. As well as making sure that the quality of those tasks does not diminish, improvements in technology have ensured that people can do more things in a shorter period of time.

Sometimes, it’s better to give the members of your marketing team the freedom to reply work-related emails at any time – whether personal or otherwise. An example is Millennials who normally use their tech gadgets to work remotely. If this will help in increasing productivity and efficiency, then, there’s no reason why they can’t continue that way.


  1. Collaborative Strategies

Marketing productivity can be improved using some very useful collaborative approaches. Each of these approaches will increase consumer satisfaction as well as ensuring greater resource efficiency.

  • Partnering

When buyers and sellers decide to work together, marketing productivity and efficiency will potentially increase. Retailers and manufacturers as well as marketing teams can come together to figure out what will increase output as well as input.

  • Relationship Marketing

Here, buyers and sellers will focus on the enhancement of value by creating more satisfying content/products. This communication will make sure that consumer loyalty remains as well as reducing buying and selling costs.

  • Marketing Alliances

With a distinct offering, companies can improve the productivity of some of their market sources if they create alliances with companies that are interested in breaking through a similar target market. An alliance like this can be used in product development, selling or advertising.


  1. Marketing Teamwork

Acknowledging individual brilliance in the marketing team will surely boost the morale of the said individual, but it is important that you tell the whole team that their efforts put together always creates something more unique than any individual input. This will greatly improve the productivity of the team.


  1. Motivation or Incentives

This is a go-to way of increasing productivity. Giving prizes, breaks or vacations to the most productive during a specific period of time will help the team recognize their worth and they will work even harder in the future.



The marketing team of a company is as important as it gets. If they’re not as productive as they should be, it will greatly affect the whole company. The ways to make them more productive are in abundance, all you have to do is make use of them.

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