Social Media: How is it changing the world?

March 30, 2018 Social Media

It is estimated that by December 2018, about 2.44 billion people will be using social media. This estimate shows that social media usage is on the rise.

Social media is used in every part of our lives, from our personal relationships, entertainment, work, and studies. Every minute over 300milion messages are sent on Facebook and 350,000 tweets are tweeted on Twitter. This love and usage of social media are changing our way of thinking, how we communicate, how we do business and how we live in the society. These changes in our lifestyle are happening at a breakneck speed.

In this article, we will discuss how Social media as a tool is changing the world.

The way we communicate

Social media is changing the way we communicate. It differs from paper-based media (Newspapers and magazines) and the traditional electronic media (TV broadcasting). Social media improves the quality, inference, frequency, interactivity, immediacy, and permanence of the paper-based and traditional electronic media.

Social media aims to improve our communication system and also ensure that communication between people in different continents is not only possible but at the same time fast and less expensive.


Social media is improving the way businesses’ are run. Social media can be used as a marketing research, communication, and promotion tool that ensures that business owners reach their target audience.

Social media can be used as a market research tool. Most social media applications reveal the time a consumer visits a business place or establishment, also business owners can also see the comment made by the visitor about the business at the time of his visit. With the help of location sensors, marketers can also use social media to reach a group of people in a particular neighborhood.

Social media is also changing how sales promotions are done. Prior to this time, coupons were used as a form of sale promotion strategy, but social media now allows the company to tailor promotions to users who are at specific places at a specific time.

How marketing is done

Prior to the use of social media, marketers had to walk from place to place to ensure that more people get to know about products. With the help of social media, adverts can be placed on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in less than a minute. Over 100,000 people can learn about your product immediately.

Social media campaigns can be started to make a product known. Trends on Twitter is one-way marketers can use to ensure that more people know about the products they are selling.


Social media is changing the way we are governed. With social media platforms like Twitter, citizens can ask questions and get an answer from top government officials in less than no time.

Laws that are put in place can also be protested against on social media. Campaigns can be started until a policy is changed or removed. An example of these social media campaigns is the “Black Lives Matter” , “March For Our Lives” campaign.

These are just a few ways that social media is changing the world.

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