Technologies that can improve the productivity of your business

March 19, 2018 Digital Marketing,Technology

The world is evolving, with new products that can increase the productivity level of any business. The rate at which technology is developing, businesses’ that have not embraced this idea with being swept away.

Most people might not think we have come very far when it comes to the use of technology to improve the productivity of a business, but if they were to go back with a time machine to 5 years back, they will truly be shocked at the technological advancements we have made.

The use of technology has changed the way every business operates and this is the first time it is happening since the beginning of the world. In this article, we will discuss some of the technological tools that have been employed by business owners’ to ensure that their various businesses’ are productive.

Some of these tools include;

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are the next big thing with more and more websites adjusting their settings to fit. Google, for example, has revamped its algorithm to ensure that Websites that make mobile browsing seamless are prioritized.

All aspect of your business can be handled by your mobile device from any location if your device is loaded with the correct software. From your content marketing, sales enablement, customer relations and back-end processes like shipping and distribution can be done with just a click of a button on your mobile device.

Not only do mobile phones aid your business, they also help customers to buy, sell, search for local businesses and also share their retail experience with friends and acquaintances online.

Website analytics

This also helps to improve the productivity level of your business. Analytics helps to measure your website’s online traffic and how your competitors are also faring.

One of the mostly used analytic tools is the Google analytics which displays the highest ranking Websites in your niche. These rankings will help you learn ways on how to improve from the products of your competitors.

Social media

One cannot talk about technological advancements without mentioning social media as a tool. Social media is changing businesses’ today. How? The use of social media allows businesses to track when an individual visits their establishment. This is done with the help of location sensors on most social media platforms. Not only can they see who visited their establishment, they can also see the comment made by the visitor as at the time of his visit.

Social media is also changing the way businesses’ market their products. There is no need for the traditional means of marketing, as social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter affords them the means to share their products through targeted ads to their various prospective buyers, and this is done in a very short frame of time like seconds. With the use of social media as a marketing tool, sales increase more than when traditional means are used. Not only that, social media affords the marketers the resources to monitor the progress of their product ads, it indicates if the ads are performing well or not in order for the marketers to determine whether to take the ad down or continue running it.

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