The impact of word of mouth marketing on the customer buying behavior

February 21, 2018 Digital Marketing

Marketers have always been interested in analyzing the customer buying behavior, like how do make a decision about selecting any specific brand for a product or service, or factors manipulating their buying decisions, and so forth.

But, again, it is complex and unpredictable.

The most important thing about Word of mouth marketing is that it is unpaid and absolutely free. Yes, it can be achieved for free; all you need to have is few loyal customers and influencers who can do the showcasing and refer to your brand to their friends, family or companions. And, this is what called as word of mouth marketing; in which a customer do refer a brand and their amazing experience with a brand’s products and services. In fact, it is any new concept or a new form of marketing it has been functioning since ages, actually, it can be the most effective form of the traditional marketing concept and is still so much effective in the digital age.

People often do ask for recommendations from their friends and family before making any purchase, don’t they? And, simply that’s where word of mouth marketing steps in.

In case you do wonder how effective word of mouth marketing is, it is a major marketing that can affect and change the buying decision of any consumer. What’s the process is to gain a number of loyal customers, and they wouldn’t be just a consumer, but a fan of your brand that can refer it to someone anytime they need any such product or services at any point of time.

Let’s see on some studied and observed data and statistics to understand how word of mouth can change the customer buying decision results.

  • More than 60% of new apps and websites do prefer to organize referral programs just to make function the word of mouth marketing among their followers
  • More than 80% of Americans always do ask someone buying making any buying decision or before making any actual purchase
  • There are more than 60% chances that a brand’s product referred or recommended will be more likely to be chosen than any other brand
  • 90% of brand do utilize reward programs for referrals

unsplash-logoMichał Parzuchowski

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