The power of Automation in marketing: 5 Key benefits

February 23, 2018 Digital Marketing

Leading a marketing team or working for own start-up may require manpower that will do and execute all the strategies. But it isn’t really always possible to afford that amount of resources along with the manpower, and that’s where the power of automation comes.

Automation is majorly used in marketing in the case of the online and digital world, but it can be really beneficial is most of the streams, either it is the process of driving sales, maintaining a well-equipped system or running a team.

But, when it comes to marketing, Automation can really have immense effects in the process of showcasing and driving sales. So, today we have enlisted the top 5 benefits of Automation or the power of Automation in the marketing:

  • Automating social media efforts- scheduling media posting

Utilisation of social media with a billion user base can be a game changer in the process of showcasing your products or services to a large group of audience at once. But the only thing required in the case of social media is consistency and availability, and that can be easily achieved through the process of Automation. Because what happens is that users making their queries or complain do expect a quicker response, and besides, holding up to multiple social media platforms at one can be really difficult. And, automation can really ease the process, in this case, also scheduling of post can be achieved using Automation.

  • Ease the process of sales

Sales are not just about handling your customers at an end, but it is about making a consistent effort to convert your visitors and influencers into your prospects. And, automation can help to analyze and could be used to act a bridge between the visiting users and the customers.

  • Automation in the workflow

An effective and successful marketing campaign requires several actions like the consistent interaction with your targeted audience or prospects, monitoring response through promoted ads, and call to actions. But, again monitoring and keeping a check on everything using manpower won’t be really reasonable, and automation can be really useful in that circumstance.

  • Keeping your customer engaged with your brand

Marketing is again not just about bringing in new customers, but it is to keep your old and existing customers engaged with you because your influencer can actually play a great role in bringing new leads through word of mouth marketing. Automation can be utilized to keep a continuous interaction with your old customers as well, like it may be regarding their feedback on the products and services, or providing a response to any query and so forth.

  • Tracking and keeping a check on status of marketing campaigns

Marketing campaigns, when executed properly and with attention can really drive in many new users to your brand, but again they do require the analysis of a considerable amount of data. And, automation cannot just help to track the expenditures during the campaigns, but can also help to keep a check on the response coming to the campaign, and also some fixed response can be automated for similar query type.


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