The Truth About Email Marketing That You Were Never Told

Statistics have it that 2.5 billion people in the world make use of email and it has been predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email in the next few years. This shows how popular it is and how effective it would be as a marketing tool.

We can simply say that email is a very powerful and effective way to connect with people. After all, almost everyone you know must have an email which they use to receive emails. You receive them yourself probably on a weekly basis. You read them, digest the message and wait for the next one to be sent to you. This implies that email plays a very important role in our lives.

Now, you have a product you plan selling and you need to reach your target customers and it works best when you personalize it. The usual practice is that you tailor your emails depending on the actions of your customers. There are several topics that you can cover when doing email marketing and such include company changes, feedback request from your customers, etc.

If you are still skeptical about email marketing, then here are some reasons why you should consider it:


  1. It more effective than social media

Now, social media is a very component of marketing strategy. In fact, it is one of the best ways to interact with your target audience as well as improving the relationships you have with your customers. This makes it the initial method to reach them very easy and effective which should lead to conversion.

However, email marketing is more effective when it comes to converting your target audience into customers or members. Studies in 2013 showed that email marketing that had yielded customer acquisition had quadrupled within the four years that preceded 2013. 7 percent of the customer acquisitions that took place over the internet was made possible through email marketing.


  1. Cost Effective and Economical

Email marketing is very easy, less expensive and so effective that so many business owners are able to connect with so many of their customers in a split second. Even small-business owners who run their business on a budget, it is a better choice than using the conventional marketing methods such as media or direct mail. A study shows that 85% of retailers in the US actually use email marketing because it seems to be the most effective method of converting their target audience into customers or members.


  1. It can be customized and personalized

Email marketing allows you split your audience into different lists so you can send each list a tailored message which correlates with the reader and offer them something valuable. This makes it different from using social media because you usually address everyone as a whole. Email marketing allows you get more personal with each person because the software allows you address each person by their name, helps you split topics for certain members on your list and makes the message arrive in their inbox privately. Studies in 2012 show that 22% of emails that have the receiver’s name would definitely be opened.

Your email should never end up as spam mail! The goal is to create trust and loyalty for your brand. This is why email must be used to build relationships with leads, prospective and existing customers, as well as past customers, too. You get the opportunity to interact with them via their inbox, at your own convenient time.


  1. It is measurable

This is a very important feature of email marketing. The software allows you to track the people who opened your emails, the number of people who unsubscribed, links that were clicked and much more. This helps you have a picture of how your campaigns are fairing so you can make adjustments and improve your methods. Metrics recorded in email marketing are important so you can monitor and measure the marketing strategy you’ll use.

One good thing is that many email marketing software offers split testing of your emails. Testing reveals a lot of data about your subscribers on whether they respond better to your subjecting lines that have words like “20% Discount”, “Free”, etc. Or whether they prefer a lighter intro which informs them on what they should expect in your email. These things can all be learned, measured, tested and improved on.


  1. People use their mobile devices for checking emails

Mobile devices are common these days and people usually check emails with, from time to time. Whether they are standing on a line for something, or in their offices during the day, at the supermarket trying to purchase items, at an event or just in their homes, people check their devices to read their emails.

This is why using email as a marketing tool can never be discarded because of social media. Studies have it that 91% of people access their mail with their smartphones which is higher than the 75% who use their device to connect with others on social media.


Now, you know why you should take email marketing very serious if you really want to sell your products more effectively. It is surely budget friendly and can reach a very wide audience which would quickly yield conversion for you.

If you use an email marketing service that works, you are bound to get a higher response rate from your target audience at a very cheaper rate. One good thing is that it is fast and you have nothing to worry about.

Automating your Email List

Automation is a very good tool to follow-up your subscribers in order for you to achieve the best results. There are several tools that you can use to do this and if you are going to make headway in email marketing, then you need to make use tools that proven successful to thousands other people.

You could start with a 30-day trial at first and when you start getting results, then you can go on to subscribe to the paid one. Make sure you go for the best-automated tool to get very effective results.


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