Why You Should Be Using Social Media To Promote Your Product

Are you a small business owner looking to promote your product on social media to get more sales? Good for you because Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat all have features to help you advertise your business as well as reaching more customers.

Below, we will take a look at 4 ways you can promote your product and business on the biggest social media platforms.

  1. Instagram

Instagram feeds are prioritized according to popularity instead of chronology, which makes it more challenging to get more views on your business. However, you are allowed to include mentions and links in the stories you post on Instagram which makes it easier for your target audience to browse on your site and purchase your products.

You can upload a picture of your product with a “See More” tab on the picture which would take your customer straight to your site, where that product is being sold. If you want to know whether this feature is enabled on your Instagram account, on your home screen, tap “Add Story” at the top left. After taking a picture or recording a video, search for the following 4 icons at the top-left corner: Audio, Link, Text, and Drawing. If the link icon isn’t there, it means you have not been given access to it at the moment but if it’s there, then you tap the Link icon and paste your link.


  1. Facebook

Facebook business pages have always been good for business networking and advertising of businesses. If you have an e-commerce site, you can feature it on your Facebook page. Linking it with its Facebook plugin which supports several platforms is how to get started.

Once you are done doing the linking, you’ll be able to import all your categories which makes your products stay within the same hierarchy with your e-commerce site.


  1. Pinterest

Pinterest has a very promising feature known as Showcase which has a job as acting like a virtual storefront for your business, letting you showcase your best products in a rotating gallery which can be easily updated. The good thing about Showcase is that you can always change it anytime depending on what your business goals are.


  1. Snapchat

Snapchat ads that usually appear between the stories published by friends are actually kept for brands that are well-known, who usually have massive advertising budgets. However, for those businesses that are not that known or do not have a heavy budget for advertising can use Snapchat stories which are free for promoting products.

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